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The pack list | Scotland

So I found myself with a few free days, some work that I had organised having fallen through. I was on the phone to my dear mum, who said she hoped I was putting my free time to good use. Ahh... of course ...? I had actually spent the whole morning just weighing things on the kitchen scales. You know, things like undies, cooking pot, sleeping bag liner.

You guessed it. I had been working on the famous pack list. And here it is, in all it's obsessive compulsive glory TO THE GRAM!

The pack list | Scotland

Oh yes, I might have forgotten to mention, I'm going on a four week bikepacking adventure across Scotland. Starting in Aberdeen, I'll be heading through the Cairngorms National Park, looping around the north of the Highlands, heading over to Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides before cycling back through the Isle of Skye and heading on to Edinburg. You can see the whole route I have planned here. It's an amalgamation of the Highland 550 Trail and the Cairngorms Loop. rates the difficulty of these routes a mere 9/10 and 7/10 respectively. Wish me luck.


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