Bikepacking our own way: by bike or with bike

I often find myself comparing ourselves to others. Comparing our journeys with theirs. Our tolerance of hardship, our fitness, our setups, our willingness to push ourselves to – or past – our comfort zones. “Where did you start your journey?” “How many kilometres do you ride each day?” “Wow! You guys are really carrying a lot of stuff with you!” “What? You didn’t ride that section? You really missed out!” These phrases have a way of making us second guess ourselves and the choices we’ve made. I am starting to learn that making these comparisons and judging our own journey through the eyes of others is a pointless exercise. Our journey is just that – ours, and no one else’s. It doesn’t matter

Five Weeks in Mexico

We needed a holiday (from our holiday), so booked flights to La Paz, Mexico with the plan to rent an apartment in La Ventana, a tiny fishing village in Baja California Sur. We had been on the road for six months by this stage, so when we rolled into town we were definitely ready for a rest. Within the space of a week, Jamie signed up for and completed three kite lessons with Jesus. I discovered the local dog shelter and started walking orphaned pups. We explored local beaches (where we found a baby turtle), and discovered mountain bike routes and a delicious taco stand. We fell into the quiet rhythm of sleep ins, long walks, kiting, painting and cooking. We fell in love with our neighbour’s