Lost air, a bear and a hunter scare: Eureka - Helena (Montana)

After a delicious lunch in Eureka paid for by a very generous lady, it was time to head to our campsite for the night. Looking on Jamie’s phone we could see a ‘free camping’ spot located on the map. We cycled on to find a huge patch of lush green grass perched next to a river, behind the visitor centre. A sign read that we could camp where we liked and use the shower at the petrol station across the road. Fancy! After setting up our tent we spotted two other cyclists heading for the camp. Eagerly, we ran over to greet them. Christian and Claire, a Chilean and French couple, had just crossed the Canadian border in search of adventure on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Hurray! We weren’t

The Great (snowy) Divide Mountain Bike Route: Banff to Eureka

FIFTEEN CENTIMETRES of snow for Banff itself on Thursday - this was what a bus driver had told Gabi. Checking the forecast on the internet didn’t hold much more promise - subzero temperatures, the snow-line creeping ever lower. With great trepidation we embarked on day one of the Great Divide Mountain Bike trail. However, we weren’t too sad to be leaving Banff. It is in a stunning location, and it is a lovely town, however the tourism-inflated prices were debilitating - we had been paying $80 for a bed each in an eight bed dorm! The trail quickly entered the wilderness. There were a few short, steep climbs that saw both of us off our bikes, pushing them uphill. The weather held off until aft