Goodbye Alaska, Hello Canada. Goodbye Canada, Hello Alaska.

It seems we spend about eighty percent of each day thinking about food, talking about food, or actually eating food. We had read about the bottomless hunger of bicycle tourists, but had never experienced it ourselves until now. The moment we finish breakfast we think about lunch, the moment we finish lunch we think about dinner, and the moment we finish dinner, we are dreaming about our morning coffee and bowl of porridge (although our current favourite breakfast is cream of wheat, a deliciously old-fashioned breakfast that has an uncanny similarity to infant food). And when we roll into a town in the early evening, we make a beeline for the nearest burger joint and demolish everything on ou

This is bear country: Cycling the Denali Highway

After camping for a few days in the Denali National Park, we stayed in a tiny log cabin in the middle of a very rocky RV campground. (We have noticed on our adventures so far, that Alaskan’s seem to enjoy covering all campgrounds with a thick layer of pointy rocks). We met a fellow cyclist named Buddy, pulling a bright yellow bike trailer behind him. He carried several cold pies in his pocket and was munching on an chocolate ice cream. Sadly, he decided to move on - “these rocks are too pointy!” Jamie tried to hitchhike to our previous campsite, in search of our elusive tent pole (a mere 65kms away). Our lovely campground host spotted him on the highway and insisted on giving him an old van