The lessons we have learnt: Anchorage to Denali and in to the Park

We've all made mistakes. We've certainly made a few these last few days. But hey, where's the adventure if you don't camp in a berry patch in bear country, leave an essential part of your tent behind, or leave the tent open, allowing it to fill with a thousand mosquitos? But we have certainly learnt a lot in a short space of time. We have learnt that Americans are incredibly warm, friendly and generous. Well beyond our expectations. We have learnt (and are still perfecting) the art of camping in bear country. We have learnt that we continue to buy far too much food, and that long-life pre-packaged donuts from the petrol station are really gross. We have learnt that although we think of Germa

An idea conceived, an adventure begins

Jamie In 2016, our friends Tim and Hetty cycled from India to England. Their stories ignited in us a burning desire for an adventure of our own. Soon enough, Gabi suggested we cycle through South America. Our ideas quickly snowballed, gaining momentum, and we soon found ourselves imagining a journey not just through South America by bike, but all the way from Alaska to the bottom of Argentina. Spurred on by fantastic blogs, and by route descriptions on, our plans started to take shape. We soon found ourselves in possession of a Surly ECR (for Jamie) and a Surly Ogre (for Gabi). A two week tour through New Zealand by bike on the Alps2Ocean trail from Mount Cook to Oamaru convi