It never rains in Scotland - Part 1 (The Cairngorms)

In a full four weeks in Scotland, I never once wore my raincoat in anger. If I had have stuck to the minimalist bikepacking ethos of "If you don't wear it or use it, don't pack it", then I probably shouldn't have packed my raincoat, rain pants, down jacket, THREE pairs of gloves, waterproof gloves, beanie, extra thermals, buff. But I expected true Scottish weather: freezing rain, snow, sleet and wind. Instead, I got sunburnt 3 times. That's right, an Australian, sunburnt in Scotland. It felt very strange. Riddled with dirt roads, land rover tracks, and singletrack, Scotland is a wonderful place to go bikepacking. Even the obligate paved sections were pleasant, with drivers ever so courteous,