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Ever since I was a kid, I always loved having adventures and getting lost. Be it wandering off through neighbouring farms, or exploring tropical islands with my family. I always knew I wanted to go on a huge adventure when I grew up, I just wasn't sure where. 

After moving to the city and spending time at university, I graduated as a primary school teacher. I then worked at some great schools and had many travel experiences in between, but not the 'huge adventure' I had always envisioned as a child. 

After a test ride, cycling around New Zealand for a couple of weeks, I knew I was ready for a bigger cycling adventure. I loved the slow pace, and the time to take photographs. It's also a perfect way to keep an eye out for a friendly dog to pat (and a cheeky local pie to eat).


I've been riding bicycles for a long time, I love the feeling and the freedom of it. I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about adventures, scouring maps and blogs and counting down the weeks/days/hours until the adventure can begin. 

I graduated from medical school in 2015, and started working as a junior doctor in Melbourne. While I enjoyed my first couple of years working as a doctor, I constantly yearned for adventure, wanting to escape to the wilderness. 

My happy place would be camping somewhere beside a mountain river, weary from a day's travel, settling down to prepare something over our camp stove. I have a tendency toward "type B fun", or the wet, windy and cold sort of fun that really isn't actually fun until long after the event!

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